Red Lab Website Project Process

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Plan the work, then work the plan....

We have worked on our process for over 20 years and it will help you get great results from your website.

1. Strategy and Blueprint

We use a series of worksheets and meetings to establish your goals, learn your business and your competition, audit your current website and sales process, establish your website content structure, choose your CMS and CRM software, and plan your website launch. The end result of this process is a blueprint to follow for the rest of the project.

2. Content

You will work with our Project Manager to organize your website content, including all the text, images, and media files you will need to fill the site structure dictated by the Project Blueprint. Content can be provided by you, or we can use a variety of trusted partners to create professional pages content, blog posts, ebooks, photos, or videos. All content will be keyword optimized for SEO

3. Design

While the content is in process, we enter the design phase. We collect your current branding elements (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) and create a brand book to use on your project. Then we help select a theme or template to use with your CMS that fits both the needs of your content, as well as a design and layout that fits your brand. Finally, mockups are generated for your approval.

4. Development

Our multi-talented developers will build out all the functionality of your website and integrate it with your selected content management system (CMS). Any custom application programming is completed in this phase.

5. Site Launch

This phase of the process is where we turn your website live to the public. There are many details to work out with your domain name, DNS servers, web hosting, and email hosting. We also do our quality testing at this point.

6. Training and Support

If you plan on maintaining your website content or do your own software maintenance, we provide training webinars and a library of training videos for you to learn how to use your website. In addition, we offer both contract and by the hour support services for giving you personal help for any situation.

7. Marketing

Build it and they will come.

That may be true with Field of Dreams, but your website will not easily be found on the Internet unless you put some effort into Search Engine Optimization and Social Media at a minimum. To expand your reach you may also need to utilize Pay per Click Advertising, Affiliate Networking, and Email Marketing. Go to our Website Marketing page for more information.

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